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The King

The King


Shiraz grapes sourced from highly desired Roennfeldt Rd. vineyards, Marananga, Barossa Valley. Grown by a second-generation vigneron and Mr. Blacks’ major partner in crime. The grapes are hand picked from specially selected rows throughout his two diverse properties.

The majority of this fruit goes through the de-stemmer half filling a small stainless steel vessel. Then an intuitive amount, approximately 10-15% of the total volume, goes into the belly of the beast as whole bunches. The remaining fruit goes through the de-stemmer and over the top of the whole bunches. Temperature controlled and gently circulated twice daily. Just prior to fermentation finality the skins are pressed into a mixture of one new American and two seasoned French barrels, where any residual sugar from the whole bunches fizzes and ferments until dry. Allowing the wine to have this last hoorah in the barrel encourages a unique harmony and integration between wood and wine. A natural secondary fermentation then occurs in barrel further enhancing this amalgamation. The wine is then racked off its heavy lees and returned to barrel for a minimum of 18 months meditation before bottling.

On pulling the cork the dark rich red clays of the Western Ridge of the Barossa Valley pounce into the nostrils. In a display of evolution and a rage against stagnancy and static, the King weaves ever-changing circles of earthy mushrooms, sarsaparilla, cola, black fruits, vanilla, spice and aniseed around his hearth while his faithful gypsies delicately dance to the thrum of generous silky tannins and balanced acidity.

Enjoy now, or cellar and perceive the majestic evolution of this wine.