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Sa Chair Rose et Noir

Sa Chair Rose et Noir


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An experiment in fateful farming illuminated by a study of syzygy, sewed together with a procedure of passion.

Sourced from a single row of plantings at our Roennfeldt Rd vineyards, Marananga.
The three varieties of fruit, half de-stemmed, half whole bunches are all co- fermented and hand-plunged in a small picking bin for two weeks. Using wild yeasts indigenous to the vineyard and our winery, the juice and grapes slowly converted their sugars into alc. over twenty days. The young wine then remains on skins for another 7 days covered in a veil of CO2. This extended maceration encouraged maximum extraction of flavour, tannins and color while allowing a softness to develop. The wine was then basket pressed to a single barrique barrel where natural secondary fermentation occurs. Racked of heavy lees and guarded for eight months meditation before bottling.

This wine dances through the ol’factory with aromas of flowers, perfume, blossoms, spice, dill and musk. It’s savoury, dry, sweet and sour, complex and simple, an oxymoron in a glass. Delicate tannin and playful acidity mate in the mouth creating an elegantly supple and intriguing wine.

While light & elegant, the wine offers the complexities of an extrovert on acid.

A procedure in passion, and study in star alignment.