Marananga, Barossa Valley
Atypical Shiraz
845 Bottles Produced

The intention in creating this wine was to showcase a Summer Shiraz that can be easily consumed in the sun, slightly chilled and still expressing its origins with cautious and cryptic complexity. Picked a little earlier than traditional Barossa Shiraz, an indigenous ferment is initiated in the picking bins and once tick tocking (three days) its then pressed into two seasoned hogs head barrels to ride the rebellious rollercoaster of its effervescent evolution. The wine then remains in barrel to rest and relax for one year before going to bottle. La Luna de Muerta’s journey in wood rewards with a roundness and reach of red fruits and complex confectionery on the front palette. Treacherous with trickery she treks a tasty trail transforming as she travels into a torched toothy toffee and burnt brown sugar.

The Moon of Death is made to manipulate your mind and mess with your mouth whilst meeting somewhere in the middle of mathematics and magic…a manifestation moulded by the pleasure of momentum.